Walker Tire 

Saving money and fast local service are two things First American & Walker Tire have in common.  Just take a look at this testimonial!

Dietze Music

No one is immune to the lease schemes. And thanks to First American, Dietze Music has lower rates and no longer pays 20 times the cost for a 

credit card machine. 

Speidell Body Shop 

Rate savings can be a big deal. This merchant

expresses that along with personal service as the two main reasons they went with

First American .

Sartor Hamann Jewelers

Showing our consistency of dedicated service over a long period of time, this testimonial clearly shows First American's dependability.




Lower cost solutions with first-class

local service you can count on.


We have carved a niche in Nebraska simply by doing it differently.  Our team has a well-deserved reputation of providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective processing solutions to hundreds of businesses throughout the Cornhusker region.

Tired of sitting on hold with an 800 number?  Tired of dialing through phone prompts hoping for a live person? Want to have access to your rep's cell phone number - anytime anywhere you need them?  


If you said yes, then First American is your processor.  

We treat each of our customers like a VIP with dedicated personal service.  And each client relationship is valued as if it is the only client relationship. Every customer benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.


Our Mission

 Equipment at a Fair Price

We guarantee not to lease you a credit card machine.  We've seen way too many businesses get taken advantage of by the large corporate processors.-with too many fly-by-night salesmen calling you offering you a great deal that ends sour.

We'll sell you a machine for what it's actually worth.  To us, that's the only honest way to do business.  


02. Keeping Your Rates Low

Reading credit card statements can be like reading Chinese.  How can you know what you're paying & why?  What does it all mean?  

Our reps will take you line by line down the list, showing exactly how Visa®/Mastercard®/DIscover®/American Express® works.  We will show you not only what your rates are, but WHY they are, and how to keep your costs down.  To us, that's the only honest way to do business.  

03. The Best Local Service in the State of Nebraska

Imagine for a moment: It's Friday night at 9:30 at your business.  But you can't get a card to go through!  You've tried & tried.   The cardholder is upset.  You're upset.  

What do you do?  Sit on hold for 20 minutes to talk with someone in India?  Email somebody and pray they get back to you? 

Not with First American!  If we're not in a meeting or an appointment we will literally BE THERE onsite in 20 minutes.  Believe it.  

You are taken care of with us.  

That's the First American way.  

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